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On December 8, 2013 the annual MDWFA Retriever Gundog Championship Contest was held in Marston Jones training grounds in Dorchester County. The event was a very pleasant day, 70 degrees and sunny. Just kidding! It was actually a seriously challenging day of cold, breezy, sleet and snowy weather.

A special shout out thanks to all who ran, judged and helped.

The finalists were:

Dakota handled by Jerry Serie
Deuce handled by Mike Tome
Seeker handled by Butch Chambers
Tank handled by Jeff Riebling
Louie handled by Don Driggers
Gabe handled by Jack Scanlon

And the winner for this year is Deuce and Mike Tome from Brunswick, MD




Maryland Wood Duck Initiative Looking FOr Private Nesting Data.

The Maryland Wood Duck initiative already maintains and gathers information on numerous public wood duck nesting boxes in Maryland. They are seeking private Maryland Wood Duck nesting box data to be compiled along with that public sector data to establish a more accurate picture of the Maryland Wood Duck nesting trends. If you have private boxes and would like to assist in this endeavor or would like more information please contact Cliff Brown at 703-447-5142 or email at clifronabrown@aol.com.

Chesapeake Bay Interpretive Buoy System

Click here to explore the Chesapeake Bay Interpretive Buoy System from NOAA. This system allow you to explore current information from various information buoys located through the Chesapeake Bay. the deliver such information as water temperature, wind speed and direction, mean and current wave height, water salinity among other various statistics to help you plan for a safe informed waterfowl outing on the Chesapeake Bay watershed. Once you click on a buoy of interest a popup window will appear showing general data; click on more information for all the available data sets available.


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