2016 Meet, Greet and Swap at the Talbot Rod and Gun Club

The Maryland Waterfowlers Association proudly announces its 2016 Meet, Greet and Swap at the Talbot Rod and Gun Club. This event is open to the general public and free of charge so please come on out to become better acquainted with our organization and buy, swap and/or sell some outdoor sporting gear!

This event is also being held in conjunction with MD DNR Wildlife & Heritage Service hunter safety classes held at the club that day.

To help introduce the new hunters to waterfowl hunting MDWFA will be providing youth hunters with calls, calling and shooting lessons after they have complete their last phase of hunter safety program.

When: Saturday August 13, 2016 Event begins @ 9:00 AM until 3:00 PM

Where: Talbot Rod & Gun Club, 26 Chapel Road Easton, Maryland 21601

410-822-4442 Club website:http://www.talbotrodandgunclub.com

What: Tables are available for attendee’s to sell their hunting, fishing and shooting gear under the Club’s Pavilion

Who: Please contact Steve Myers to reserve table: mdl12skeet@aol.com

Disclaimer: (MDWFA nor Talbot Rod & Gun Club are not responsible for any lost or stolen merchandize and all transactions and actions are the sole responsibility of the parties involved.)

Balto. Co. Bill 42-16 Partial Success

MDWFA staff members Greg Tracey and Paul Donhauser attended the Baltimore County Council legislative session on July 5, 2016 concerning Bill 42-16, which, in its original form (a) prohibits possession of firearms and all knives on County property, and (b) removes the current exemption for “dogs being used or trained for hunting” to the County’s law requiring that dogs be leashed on County property.

The bill passed last night on a vote of 4-3, with Councilmembers Kach, Crandell, and Marks voting against it (in our favor). Prior to its passing, the amendment clarifying “dangerous weapons” (as opposed to unilaterally prohibiting ALL knives) and exempting hunters from the firearms prohibition was adopted. Another amendment was introduced by Councilman Kach to exempt Handgun Wear & Carry permit holders from the firearms prohibition, which did not pass (Councilmembers Kach, Crandell, and Marks voted in favor of the amendment). An amendment concerning the hunting dogs exemption was not introduced or considered.

What it means: the County claims firearm possession in County parks has been illegal since 1986 per executive order from the Parks & Recreation Director and that hunters who have been bringing firearms into County parks since that time have been doing so illegally. The passing of this bill now legitimizes/legalizes a hunter exemption to the that prohibition. This is a win that the MDWFA was instrumental in obtaining. However, we lost on the issue of exempting “dogs who are being used or trained for hunting” from the County’s leash laws. Current law (for the next 45 days) is that dogs being used or trained for hunting are exempt from the law requiring dogs be leashed on County property. The passing of this bill removes that exemption.

Other notables: Four individuals on behalf of the American Kennel Club attended and supported MDWFA’s position.

What’s next: The bill is still pending the County Executive’s signature before it is signed into law. MDWFA will contact his office with the AKC delegates about requesting his veto on the bill until the retriever exemption is reinstated, though the bill was introduced at his request so that would be a long shot. Our Baltimore County members are encouraged to contact him as well.

MDWFA staff spoke with the Director of Parks & Recreation, Barry Williams, about obtaining a leash law exemption for certain parks. He was amenable to this proposal. MDWFA staff is working with the AKC representatives to schedule a meeting with Director Williams about which parks would be allowed to be excepted, which will hopefully occur in the next three weeks. Any members who use Baltimore County parks for this purpose are encouraged to contact MDWFA staff to advise which parks are important to them to use so that those properties can be proposed at the meeting.

All in all, a 50% win for Maryland Waterfowlers and the MDWFA will continue to work with the County to protect waterfowlers’ interests.