It is Wood duck box time!

Woodduck Box_3_2016Spring is coming and it is time to maintain or build new wood duck boxes. MDWFA has directions and plans for you on how to build and install your wood duck boxes.

Our own Aaron Ward has made instruction on how to build the nesting boxes.

Here is another  article on how to hang the boxes with the predator guards.


Maryland Wood Duck Initiative

September 2018 Director’s Message

Despite early season gains and encouragement at two large sites, the tally elsewhere has been poor involving about 50% of the nest boxes. Counts are not finalized but the overall yield may indicate the most significant drop in production recorded by MWDI – an 8-12% decline. Habitat has been very good but the drop in total eggs being laid and the increased level of nests failures at modest – moderate clutch sizes is baffling.

My optimism for the final 2017 production summary was also misplaced as the total hatch dropped 1.5% to 7,746 from7,863 instead of exceeding 8,000 as projected. Production was from 117 sites involving 1,775 boxes. New sites the past two years while showing moderate performance have been below expectations but this only accounts for a portion of the decline as final reports from a host of smaller projects were also below expectations. The annual survey routinely includes a drop in production from old sites where supervision has been lacking. Gains elsewhere were insufficient or non-existent to offset these estimated reductions.

The relationship with Phoenix Metals continues to be great. We note that private program sponsors continue to add predator guards at a more rapid pace than boxes which is a tangible “best practices” enhancement that will benefit overall Maryland production. 

Two additional box assembly events have been held since April and two additional ones are scheduled for this fall at the Chesapeake Bay Environmental Center and Maret School bringing MWDI’s total to 6 this year.

MWDI has supplies for new public projects if you wish to initiate one. We will review site habitat, assist box location and train volunteers but you must have a project manager idetified to monitor the project after installation.  

As always, thank you to our dedicated volunteers for helping to make a difference.

MWDI’s Annual Box & Kit

November 6, 2018

MWDI is once again aggregating orders with its lumber purchase for public projects to provide wholesale pricing to private program sponsors.  The lumber cost component reflects MWDI’s expected direct costs for wood, shipping and waste. MWDI has made arrangements to have the wood cut into kits or assembled into boxes if preferred. The costs are the same as 2017.

 Wood Duck Box assembled                                        $45.00 each

 Wood Duck Box kit (buyer must assemble)                      $38.00 

 Wood Duck box lumber (buyer must cut &    assemble)       $30.00

Boxes / kits do not include predator guards or poles. Metal, cone shaped predator guards can be obtained for $14 + tax each from Phoenix Metals (Tammy Schaare 410-633-0685 ext 25. Baltimore location. Shipping extra out of state.  MWDI can likely assist pickup / delivery of the guards with or without the lumber, boxes or kits as we will have a supply in Rock Hall and Washington DC.  Payment pre-delivery needed. Guards can fit 4×4” square or smaller round poles – specify style when placing the order.

Bluebird box lumber is $7.25, $11.00 per kit or $17 fully assembled.

MWDI expects the purchaser to pick up the boxes / kits in Rock Hall, Washington, DC, along Route 50 between these locations or between Salisbury and Easton if other delivery arrangements cannot be coordinated.  Lumber will likely be available by early January, kits by early February and assembled boxes will be available by late February 2019. 

 WD box kits are approximately 22”tall x 9 1/4”wide x ¾” thick. BB box kits are made from 5 ½” x ¾” nominal width boards. Lumber is rough cut one side, kiln dried cypress supplied from South Carolina. MWDI’s website,, has detailed assembly plans for the side door boxes.

Send an email to to place an order. Payment by check must be received by December 15, 2018. Pre-payment is necessary, or the order will not be included.

Maryland Wood Duck Initiative

 3021 45th St NW

 Washington, DC 20016