Future Season Management issues

MDWFA participated in a meeting for the Migratory Game Bird Advisory Commission just recently. Things are not getting better for the populations of waterfowl and more restrictions are likely to be imposed.

The sea duck populations continue to be a concern despite lowered bag limits. 2022-’23 waterfowl season will likely see further reductions to reduce pressure on population.

AP Canada Geese:

– Eastern Canada AP canada goose limit has been reduced from 5 to 3.

– Starting with the ’21-’22 season, all states within the AP canada goose zone will be restricted to the 30 day, 1 bird restriction.

– New York Resident Population canada goose season now can not extend beyond the end of Feb due to concerns about migrating AP geese.

– The old 3 year breeding pair model for determining AP canada goose harvest restrictions will be replaced by a new IPM (Integrated Population Model) model that uses numerous factors in addition to breeding pair data to make harvest restriction determinations.