MDWFA History

Potomac River Waterfowlers Association formed in 1993 as a grass roots organization that successfully addressed the confused and conflicted regulations on the Non-tidal Potomac River.

The Maryland Waterfowler’s Association (MDWFA) was created in 2005 as the successor organization to the Potomac River Waterfowler’s Association. Maryland Waterfowler’s Association has grown into an effective voice for waterfowlers across the state. The Maryland Waterfowler’s Association is the only waterfowl hunters’ organization in Maryland dedicated exclusively to the needs of waterfowl hunters.

Since 1993, Maryland Waterfowler’s Association has expanded its “Voice”across the state from the Potomac to the Eastern Shore, from Garrett to Worcester County. Our growth beyond the Potomac River is to represent you, so that you have a voice in Maryland.

Waterfowlers remember those great battles fought during the past 25 years to preserve access to vital waterfowling areas and rewrite the myriad of antiquated laws in Maryland that regulated waterfowl hunting. The Maryland Waterfowler’s Association was there at the forefront with the leadership who united hundreds to stand up and be heard.

MDWFA’s Mission

Maryland Waterfowlers Association is a volunteer organization setup to preserve the future of waterfowling in Maryland.

Maintaining a cooperative partnership and open dialog with Maryland Department of Natural Resources and all agencies having interest in the hunting, management and conservation of waterfowl and their habitat in the State of Maryland.

  1. Promoting the conservation of waterfowl and habitat in the state of Maryland.
  2. Participating in the development, enactment and of legislation, regulations and education consistent with the mission of the MDWFA.