Region 4 – Carroll, Howard and Montgomery Counties

Don and dogs
Don and his dogs

Regional Director: Don Neiffer  email Don
I’m Don Neiffer and I am Region 4 Director and Carroll county representative. I live in Lisbon, Howard county (just over the Carroll county line) with my chessies that I train for hunt tests and use in hunting. I was born and raised in southeastern PA (That’s right — one of those hill people your parents warned you about). Dad was a deer and small game hunter. So that’s what we hunted. When I moved to Florida in 1998 I took up waterfowling in large part due to lack of small game hunting and what I considered horrible deer hunting conditions. I have been addicted ever since. I recently moved back north ( Maryland is actually considered the North to someone living in Florida) and work in DC. I have been a zoo and wildlife veterinarian for greater than 22 years. During that time I have traveled the world related to work and I can tell you that, despite any of the problems with anti-hunters, development, government regulations, etc., we still enjoy (as individual persons) some of the best hunting privileges on the planet. One of our greatest challenges is a matter of numbers. Hunters vote and the more hunters, the more voters. A consequence of what I see as a requirement for future hunting in Maryland and the US comes with the downside of more competition among hunters. As most hunters cannot afford private club memberships or leases, this means more pressure on public lands. Maryland has lots of land and opportunities that are not friendly or easily accessible to waterfowlers as well as land that has not been managed or developed for waterfowl. I feel a big factor in the survival of waterfowling in Maryland is the development of public lands (particularly those related to goose hunting west of the bay) to provide more waterfowl opportunities to more hunters. While in Florida, I was a member of United Waterfowlers of Florida. This was an effective voice for waterfowling in Florida, working well with the state wildlife agency. Taking their approach of collaboration and cooperation, I look forward to helping out my new home with waterfowling opportunities. I also hope to make a few good friends along the way. Being new to the state, I welcome any advice or history regarding the region and its waterfowling challenges and needs.

County Representatives:

Howard County: David Sikorski email
Montgomery County: Pat Berbakos email
Carroll County: Don Neiffer email